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Natural Material Innovation

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Key publications: 

Wood, I.P., Pearson, B.M., Garcia-Gutierrez, E., Havlickova, L., He, Z., Harper, A.L., Bancroft, I. and Waldron, K.W., 2017. Carbohydrate microarrays and their use for the identification of molecular markers for plant cell wall composition. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114(26), pp.6860-6865.

Wood, I.P., Garcia-Gutierrez, E., Wellner, N. and Waldron, K.W., 2017. Feedstock selection for polymer and chemical production: feedstock-specific recalcitrance. Faraday discussions, 202, pp.391-402.

Wood, I.P., Cook, N.M., Wilson, D.R., Ryden, P., Robertson, J.A. and Waldron, K.W., 2016. Ethanol from a biorefinery waste stream: Saccharification of amylase, protease and xylanase treated wheat bran. Food chemistry, 198, pp.125-131.

Wood, I.P., Cao, H.G., Tran, L., Cook, N., Ryden, P., Wilson, D.R., Moates, G.K., Collins, S.R., Elliston, A. and Waldron, K.W., 2016. Comparison of saccharification and fermentation of steam exploded rice straw and rice husk. Biotechnology for biofuels, 9(1), p.193.

Research Associate
Dr Ian  P. Wood
Not available for consultancy