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The main objective of FLOWER is to develop locally produced flax fiber reinforcements and architectures optimized for the composites industry; these innovative preforms will enable the emergence of new products for the automotive industry, the naval sector or the field of point-of-sale advertising. The consortium, which relies on cross-border and complementary skills, covers the entire value chain, from agricultural fiber production to R&D and product marketing. They will ensure the development of high-performance products, that are light-weight, and have well-considered end-of-life options (biodegradable or recyclable) and reduced environmental impacts.


FLOWER developments


Responding to industry needs
The optimisation of preform architecture and weight will allow to increase the use of flax in the composite sector. Environmental regulations and governmental strategies ensure the adoption of our products by the industry.

Impact on the Cross-Channel area
FLOWER will actively contribute in overcoming the common challenges of the area in terms of economic specialization, research and preservation of the environment. The composites sector in the France-Channel-England area, worth about € 500 million, has a real competitive advantage to become the 'gold standard' in the development of biocomposites.

Decreasing environmental impact
Flax fibre production which is 4 times less energy consuming than glass fibres, in addition to reducing biocomposite product mass, will allow to minimise the product's environmental impacts. The products developed will exhibit positive characteristics in terms of mitigating plastic pollution, realising energy efficiency and tackling climate change.


Further information can be found on the FLOWER project website.